Welcome Spirit.

Hello spirit being. Thank you for coming to this space. The magic of who you are is waiting for you.

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As a spiritual nurse and death doula I’m here to help you open, feel, and expand your inner magic.

What brings you alive? What ignites your inner fire? And how can you draw on it with joy, love, grace, excitement, and deep gratitude to carry you through your life.


My work and hope as a spiritual nurse through the use of healing modalities that I can help you hear inner voice, to hear the words your soul is speaking and the magic that awaits you on the inside.

As a spiritual nurse my work is not so much in the medical but in the spiritual, mental,and emotional realms.

It is using compassion, passion, love, tranquility, transformation, and modalities of spiritual healing ( meditation, reiki, herbalism, tarot, intuitive guidance) that hope to help those who I meet to reconnect to their essence, tot he richness of themselves and this beautiful life.

I invite you to dive into the magic and explore the tabs below

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