Journey with me: Spiritual Nurse/ Spiritual Doula?

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

– Rabindranath Tagore

Imagine for a moment, either you or someone you know who has been struggling for a long time with inner woundings, traumas. Imagine a knock at the door. You open it and a person walks through. It could be male, female, or merely a person, that comes in through the door. Despite your reservations you open the door. The person on the other side of the door standing in front you smiles at you beautifully, touches your hand and greets you, and immediately you feel at ease. They are carrying with them a beautiful mosaic patterned bag, and from that bag they pull out two books, one with blank pages and another book that contains writings. You both take a seat in your living room.

“How is your energy today?

they say to you warmly, although this person is so tuned in they can feel into your energy already. You feel at ease, and with a deep sigh of relief you start spilling out all the things you’ve been struggling with, and before you go deeper, they place there hand on yours, and which deep sacred presence they say “ I’m here for you, I see you”. They get up pull a handful of herbs from their bag and head to the kitchen. Then after maybe 10 minutes they return with two teacups with hot water and the herbs infusing through the water. A rich warm scent of lavender dances up gently into the air. They hand you the cup and you take a sip. Warm floral lavender and honey swirl around your tastes buds. You feel more at ease. You feel something heavy, something that has been there for years already beginning to lift.

For the next four hours over multiple cups of lavender and tea you distill your story, and the spiritual nurse begins to use meditations, prayers, and other healing practices to connect you back to some deep and sacred, and finally after maybe a week, or a month or three months, you feel light, you feel ready to face the world in a new way?

What if you could call in a spiritual nurse to your home. To bless it, to clear out heavy energy? What if you cool call a spiritual nurse in based in the Christian faith, or Buddhist, or one who incorporates many different forms of spirituality to help you and grieving loved one with the death of family member, or to even help the loved one who is going to pass. What if you could call in a spiritual nurse to help you over a three to six month period reconnect with spirituality, with your soul, help you tap into your intuition, listen to your inner voice and learn to trust yourself, change your diet, habits, and help you be your own healer? What if he or she, they, could come in and help you renew your spirit?

I envision spiritual nurses coming in, in a very meaningful, directed, intuitive and tailored way to help people reconnected to the fundamental goodness and love of the universe. Spiritual nurses learn different continuously evolving forms of healing, through song, music, dance, plant medicine, diet, meditations, and allying with other practitioners to help people discover their inner magic.

Spiritual nursing was born out of my recent completion of work and training to become a death doula, a 3 month course at the Anam Cara Academy, that taught me and continue to teach me to dig deep within my being. It was also born out of of my visit to Peru where I encountered the indigenous Shipbo culture. While in Peru at a sacred medicine retreat and met a woman who helped the curanderos during medicine ceremonies and through this I was inspired. Like all things. Nursing is a profession that began centuries ago, traditionally with women as carers. Now, after centuries of scientific advances, and expanded philosophies nursing as blossomed into a large body of work.

Spiritual nursing is less of a science and more of a practice, a philosophy, a way of showing up in the world. Even a way of Spiritual nursing doesn’t have an actual school and so a lot of this work will be through Working with other spiritual nurses but also through deep intensive inquiry into myself, shamans, and other spritual leaders and practitioners of various faiths. We live in a big and beautiful world and I want to incorporate many philosophies and practices that come from all religions and ways of life and being.

But also in this form of spiritual nursing the pillars stem heavily from Buddhism and indigenous practices. The fundamental pillars in this form of spiritual nursing, and I say “ this form of spiritual nursing” because there is no “exact or right” method, in this form of spiritual nursing it is comprised of Love, Respect, Compassion, Wound healing, and transformation.

Incorporated in this form of spiritual nursing is Buddhist philosophy of, Samatha, Vapassana, Zazen, Metta, and Tonglen. Samatha, and the practice of tranquility. This is being flexible and thinking and being tuned in to what is happening in the present moment. Vapassana, It is the fact is we are seeing. Buddha taught there is so much unnecessary suffering because we lack understanding of ourselves and I making friends with the rules are fear and anger and our loneliness we can free ourselves and each other. Zazen practice of freedom. It is Japanese origin. It is being able to sit with whatever your experience is without comparing it to others, or what it should be. It is the practice of true ease. Metta is the practice of compassion. It is the understanding that humans are united by the urge towards happiness. It is the antidote to fear. Metta comes from the Pali word for “loving-kindness”. It encompasses the practice of non-separatedness the practice of inner generosity that flows into the dissolution of fear, despair, fragmentation, alienation and loneliness, allowing for outward generosity. Finally, Tonglen, The practice of transformation. When we are aware of the suffering of others as well as our own kindness arising. Cultivating an attitude of acceptance and fundamental friendliness transforms ourselves and transforms the world.

The other principal that I hoped to incorporate is the Navajo practice of the beauty way also called The Beauty Way or Hózhó, the Navajo word for the concept of living in a holistic environment of Beauty, Balance, Harmony, and Well-Being.

The Beauty Way is a deep spiritual knowing where one learns trust, to walk with openness, and appreciation of the divine presence shining in all aspects of life. It is an appreciation that restores the soul with a profound understanding that a greater, loving intelligence that is always present, always inviting, always responding. When ugliness is disturbing our soul, threatening to steal our peaceful trust in the Divine, then, we are guided to come back to the Beauty Way, back into reverence of the sacred.

So I am beginning this journey, reading as much as I can. Right now I’m reading The Path to awakening by Shamar Rinpoche. The way for the shaman by Micheal Harner, as well as All About Love, New Visions by Bell Hooks, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

I want to spend the next two years actively studying, meeting different healing practitioners, teachers, swamis, imams, gurus, medicine men and women, and learning about different sacred forms of healing, different practices, from meditations, to songs, to dances, mantras, chants, philosophies and plants that can aid us in healing, and be able to incorporates these into practices that can be used to work with individuals and groups of people who want to reconnect spiritually, who want to reconnect to their inner goodness.

The other vision I’m holding is for spiritual nursing to blossom into a body of work, and from a body of work it could be taken into institutions, where people can go to study and learn, that they can study spiritual nursing and simultaneously undergo there own spiritual awakening. My vision is that others will join the creation of this work and that together with different hands we can lift this work up and help the world heal even more.

Here is the link to my GoFund. This is something that has truly moved me and something that I want to be my life work and something I can share with, learn, and build with others.

Walk with me. Journey with me.

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Moving with spirit. Moving with the love force that flows inside of me. After 4 years of nursing I’m taking a break to explore the life I want to live. Come along with me on my journey.

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