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October 5th 2020.

Queen of cups reversed, and Eight of Earth.

If you repress your emotions no wonder you feel out of wack. The waters will continue to rise up along your shores, along your earth until you address them. Admit to yourself what you feel. Name it. Speak it. Allow yourself to feel it. Allow your soul and it’s expression to flow. Allow the tears, anger, and rage to flow, but don’t also be afraid to find the good and to smile. Feeling your emotions allows you to name them or recognize their origins. Their origins may not be deep in the past but in the not to recent past. Pay attention to your growth. You don’t have to control every detail to achieve what you want.

Begin slowly and steadily. Rest between tasks. Take 5 minutes after completing a hour of work. Before you begin work take a deep breathe in close your eyes and set your intention for this work. Your going to see just how to can make better use of your time and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You on to something long lasting.

September 17, 2020

What have been the seeds of you insecurity? Where did you buy those seeds?
Where did you get them?
Why did you plant them?
Why did you continue to water them?
Today tear out the plants. Traverse your garden. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a garden. Imagine plants there that, visualize the ones that represent fear, anxiety, and negativity. Now imagine that they are torn out, dug up. Tear up the roots, take the seeds and through this pile of plant matter into the fire of transformation. See the smoke billowing up into the air. Infusing you’re internal being with a security, abundance, safety. You are safe in your existence today. It is safe to not worry. It is safe to expect the good of the Universe to dance with and provide for you. It’s okay to need what you need and to even want what you want. Plant new seeds. Seeds of joy, hope, abundance, adventure.

September 16th 2020.

Today you are shifting. Your views are shifting. How you saw the world yesterday is shifting. The new moon is being born in virgo. Shift your perspective into the simpler things. You’re wanting to over analyze every situation as virgo energy does will upset your flow. Allow ideas and tasks to flow. Allow yourself to dance for a moment with that which simply is, today. This is a time to shift out of your mind and into your body. What does your body say? What are the messages coming in?

That ache in your neck, the unsettled feeling in your stomach, that soreness in your back? Take the time today to shift into the body.

Allow your ideas and perspectives to flow. Don’t settle on what you think it must be. Let other perspectives fold in to and out of your view today. Don’t take any ideas and simply run wild with them, no, let each one have it’s one space. Be patient. Today you are shifting. You are expanding. Delays and frustrations simply require you to flow with and not against.

August 30, 2020

So, are we listening to Mary J Blige album “the breakthrough” or what?

Today the sunshines. Today is a day to open your heart to lessons, to new spiritual downloads, today is a day to allow your wisdom to expand, to allow your awareness to expand, and accept the gifts of life. Life is a beautiful mystery, accept that right now some things are not for you to understand. Give your awareness time to grow and expand. Be kind and give yourself space to simply accept what you don’t understand. A month, a year, ten, the awareness, the understanding will come. You judge the situation too quickly and draw conclusions. Keep your heart open and have compassion for yourself and others. You are highly blessed today. Soak in the sun. Soak in the idea that time is a medicine for many many things.

August 29th 2020

Short: take a step back from this past week and allow lessons and information to solidify.

This past week has been incredibly busy for some of us. So much has happened and so many changes took place. With mercury in Virgo until September 5th, analyze and discriminate between what you deem useful or impractical. Ask yourself today what have a learned over the last week. What changes do I need to incorporate into my life? You’re being ask to step outside of your ego in the situation and practice kindness and love. A situation occurred and communication was broken off but now is the moment for you to make peace, to lead with your heart. Final message is to let it go.

The door of opportunity for a certain thing has come and gone. The energy that existed in a certain place is gone. What you wanted in that situation is no longer there. So it now is a time to integrate what you learned from this situation into your wisdom. Something didn’t work out for you and it’s okay. Allow the wisdom in both your ability to move on and to sit with any heavy emotions, allow them to be like sweet nectar, drawing deep beautiful internal knowings that enhance your journey.

August 26th 2020.

Today is a day to trust your intuition. Clarity may only come by listening in deeply to what you feel. A distraction may only reach resolve through your intuition. One party may not be willing or able to tell the truth or to explain.

For others today is a day of getting clarity on your vision. The spiritual warrior speaks to one being true to their heart. Listen to your heart. Listen to the calling from the universe. Spend some time today tapping into your inner voice. Surrender to life today. Surrender to what must be and what is.

Don’t numb your senses out. Put down the alcohol, tobacco, and other forms of numbing. The work you do needs to reflect the authentic energy you carry. Your work today needs to be a reflection of you. Infuse your work today with your life force. Impart your life force into all that you do today. Don’t be afraid of what others say or think. When your soul desire permeates your activities and work, you are ONE, whole, detached from contradictory desires. Then you find your inner wisdom. You feel content.

August 24 2020.

Rest, save your fight Write done your mental to list. Plan a getaway.

Today, if possible rest, protect your energy. Protect your boundaries, it’s a time to meditate, it’s a time to take a few moments to breath. For some today your planning a quiet getaway. For others it’s a day of rest and planing for tomorrow.

Stop trying to do so much in a day. Give yourself time and space to complete each task little by little.

Today create a list of things you want to accomplish this week. Organize it. Your feel overwhelmed by your mental lists. Write them down and get them out of your head. Let your mind rest.

Tonight if you can go to bed early.


August 22: let your dreams solidify. Take action today.

You dream of being an artist, director, a lawyer? Whatever you dream of you have to put in the work. Confidence will come over time.

you can’t get to a future you want to see by being passive. Yes it will fall into your lap but you have to make the effort. You have to begin the project. Start somewhere.

The king of wands is charismatic, charming, and direct. He has build his kingdom through strategy. He has tried and failed many times but he has always returned. The page of wands is that fresh creative or enthusiastic spark. Let the ideas today flow, and the. Chose a few to take action on. Start by apply for that job, or speaking with that person who is doing what you want. Begin that art project. Are you wanting to write something but afraid of how it will sound?

Tap deep into your magic. Allow a fire of inspiration to sweep over you and then harness that inspiration through the king. Ur confidence in your inspiration, in creating your dreams will grow stronger. It’s okay. To be sure what the result looks like. That’s okay. Enjoy the process.

Divine messages: Week of august 4th 2020.

Chose a set of cards and explore this weeks medicine.

Message 1, this week you are emerging. You are blossoming into a new form. Don’t be afraid to step out and act brand new because this week is asking you let go of insecurity. This week is about fun. It’s about allowing your innermost child to roam, dance, play and sing. Reminisce about past memories, think of all the beautiful moments in your life and smile inside knowing. This week is a week to enjoy our life. Enjoy your very being. Ask yourself what insecurities are you allowing to block your joy. Emerge from those places and reclaim your being.
Message 2: continue moving forward. Continue on your path. Have strength because you are strong. This week tap into your power animals. Don’t give up on your hopes and desires. But also understand that you need to let go of the things you thought would make you happy. They ultimately will not make you happy. Part of you knows this. What you desire in spirit and what you desire in your ego are two different things. It’s time to let those things pass away. Your journey is so much larger, so much more grand. This week is about stepping further into your calling. Don’t be afraid. And if you are afraid. Breathe. Breathe deeply in and out. Get some calming scented oils. Take a warm bath. Sleep more. Cancel any plans to go to big events or parties. Allow downloads to come in and be integrated. Let it all go for what’s truly going to solidify your path. Something much deeper is going to put your soul at greater peace.
Message 3: first cleanse and clear. That can be with a feather sweeping it over your body. It can be with placing your hands around a candle visualizing all your intentions going into the candle and then lighting it allowing that energy to be released and transformed. Cleanse and clear to allow abundance to flow into your life. You have to allow the old to leave so that the new can arrive. As abundance arrives be sure to savor it. The reversed knight of wands can point to laziness or procrastination. Don’t take what you receive for granted. Honor it. Know that there are times of plenty and times where there is lack. Be sure to recognize those who want what you have because they genuinely love and support you and those who may seek opportunity.
Message 4: a warrior awakens this week. Your path and purpose call to you. This week you are aligned to beautifully with you work, your creative passion, you strength and your fire. The sun wants to shine deep in your darkest places to bring you joy. The universe smiles that you are coming alive. The warrior must dance to sound of their won drum. Allow your heart to open. Work with your heart chakra. Understand that love exists in some many things beside a relationship. You are free to go. You are free to discover brighter horizons. Your spirit is a fighters spirit.


August 2nd 2020 medicine.

August 2nd 2020
.Maybe today you meet yourself in the most beautiful way. In your heart space. Or for some, someone else*💗
.make sure that in relationships, partnerships, connections of all kinds, Be it love Bea it’s a job or business, in sure that what you are compromising for or committing to also meets your needs. Today, consider if the agreements that you have made truly uphold your integrity. Remember you have value to.
Message 2. today is a day of partnership, innocence, simplicity, divine union, of being in your heart space. Today could be about meeting someone who is really in alignment with who you are and really infuses your sense of integrity with beautiful colors.
Message 3: Let go of the fear that you’re not going to meet what it is you want or that you’re not going to find what it is that you want. This constant reoccurring thought desire, thought process today it finally dissolves and you realize that the most important things in life will arrive in their own beautiful time. Let your heart lead you to the people and the circumstances you need to continue growing and flourishing.

August 2nd 2020

July 30th 2020 daughter of earth

Today slow your talents to bloom. Start working on your craft, if it is art, take time today to draw, sketch , try to sketch Amal things. Allow your inner creations to bloom. Know that what is growing inside you is beautiful.

Today align with and check in with your motivations.

Today is a day to touch into the beautiful art of nature. Be amongst the symphony of greenery.

Visit a museum, create a sculpture, write some poetry, listen to music, write a song.

For some be with children and explore your inner child. If you are a parent engage your children more playfully. They can inspire you to think differently and to see things in a new exciting perspective.

For some today is a day of new abundance. Abundance flows in from things you didn’t even realize would bring you much needed satisfaction and contentment. Honor it. You deserve it.

July 13th weekly divine messages: chose a set of cards and explore your message.

Chose a set of cards, I’ve also written out a divine message on the paper, just before pulling each set of cards.
1. Ace of water. How can you pour out love and giving if the core is not also given then same outpouring of kindness? Emotional dissatisfaction happens because your giving more than you might be receiving? There might be people who really don’t deserve your energy. There are things right now that don’t deserve your outpouring of time space and energy. Negative thinking is either both you and others, or just you. Negative energy from within blocks your vision, as well as the negative energy from others around you. Steer clear of negative and heavy spaces this week, whether it is the mall, a dinner, a friends house, a particular place, if you feel uncomfortable it means that heavy dark energy exists there. Your stripping back layers and your energy is really asking to be cleansed and recharged. Vision quest and the big medicine wheel speak to your path, your life work, or the work you are doing at this time in your life will ask for periods of rest and cleansing. It will ask you to set up places of refuge for your soul so that you can fall apart to be put back together each time in a new way. Rest and cleansing is elemental and foundational to your healing. Remember that what you’ve been praying for is being heard and the call is being answered.
Divine message 1

2. Growth. You water these seeds. You plant seeds of desire and you ask is any of this helping? Is any of the work I’m doing helping? Are all the changes I’ve made truly manifesting? You are in such a beautiful place of growth and you are being caccoon by a divine light. What you though you were losing, was truly just excess. What you thought you needed falls away, the idea that you are missing out has really been the universe caccooning you. Divine light has been blocking you from moving on the wrong paths. Because the victory, the gift? Is that what you’ve been planting is coming to fruition. In order to welcome this change in your life you must surrender and move deep within to gather yourself. This will mean grounding yourself and cleansing energy. Begin to actively visualize diving golden light in meditation. Begin to look at your diet and see what you can’t are out and what you can add. Inner order will be crucial to you embracing the beauty entering your life. Inner order will assist you will leveling up. Surrender.

Divine message 2
3. Six of water. Your inner child is saying come out to play. Inner harmony and fun are calling to you directly this week. Jump, laugh, swing, let your hair down. For a moment rest on yourself. Rest on you laurel. Rest on the softness of your spirit. Be gentle with your thoughts about yourself. Be gentle in your self criticism. The little boy or girl, or child inside you is smiling jumping up and down saying come play! Torment and futility speak to the harshness with which you have been holding yourself. Why re you holding yourself to rigid patterns, ideas and ways of being? Why do you feel inadequate? Which means what in your child hood planted this seed? Visualize yourself going back there, taking that seed up, transforming it into a seed of positivity and then replanting it. And it will flow back through time into the present and future. Don’t allow a broken, unbalanced, hurt ego hold you back. Put your ego in its place. It is not the captain of this ship. Stop recreating cycles and loops of endless suffering. Within your inner child and ability to let loose, dance, swing, jump, and free your spirit, is the bounty of life. You will see the bounty of who you are. You will truly understand love each moment as if it is your last. You will see just what truly is showing up in your life to assist you on your path. Your harvest is coming and it is soon time to eat and savor in all of it.
Divine message 3

4. Spiritual warrior. : no fear. No more. Call upon the strength within. It’s there and you may not believe but step out into it. Sometimes at you weakest you might actually be in your most authentic strength. Trust the feeling and emotions that bring you unease as a sign to leave or fight. Trust the ease and peace you feel as a sign to stay. Awaken spiritual warrior. Allow your fear to transform you. Fear is abundant, instead of drowning in it what if we allow it to transform us, what if we take the lemons and make lemonade? What if we take the shadow and the darkness and put it through our magic, through our hands and alchemist it? Use fear as fuel. Divine fuel. Transform yourself into light. The power will be in your insight. By stepping to your fear. By accepting what has made you afraid. You insight becomes deeper and clearer. Son of air speaks to fresh new throughs, ideas, and motivation all because you embrace you fear with a willingness to love all of it.

Divine message 4

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May 29th: remove the blockages from the past.

The past informs the present and future. You must close your eyes and look at the areas of your life you find frustration, delay, and blockages, then you must consider how your parents played a role in creating these blockages. What was your mothers relationship to love, and money? What was your fathers, and both sets of grandparents relationship to love and money?

Close your eyes and tap. Ask yourself
What where their feelings toward love and money? What age did they first form these feelings?
what age did they then act on them?

What age did you these for these feelings? . What age did you then begin to act out, play out these feelings, these inherited feelings? .

The knight tells you to know send out a cleansing white light that transmutes these negative blocks, send out a white purifying light to clear their souls and consequently yours. What’s holding you back is not simply you it those who were tasked with bringing you into this world. Clear your past with a beautiful white purifying light. Reclaim your soul from the wounds and patterns of your parents and theirs.

Weekly energy read may 10th. Choose a group of cards 1 – 4

Fire signs:
Deep down you know the truth. You know the truth and the writing is on the wall. Your anxiety is disrupting a relationship, or there is disruption of harmony and balance because of your anxiety. Anxiety is causing you to lash out aggressively or passive aggressively. The finality is arriving. The end is here or it is near. It’s okay to lose the battle. Partnership or relationships will end, wether it is work, career, home life, love, to move onto the greener pastures, to move into that state of bliss you need to accept the inevitable end. What you truly desire awaits you. Harmony, grace, gratitude, abundance is yours when you work through your anxieties. You know what you need, you what you must do and so don’t ignore it.

Earth signs: Plant medicine guides us to the truth. To see the truth is to see love. To see the truth is breathe new life. Are you living in fantasy or are you in reality. It’s okay to dream but are you living too much in the future? Are you dreaming of all the possibilities but not focusing in on actually doing the work? You cannot unlock the magician if you don’t actually do the work. To activate you inner magic, your divine power the is to listen to the 8 of pentacle. It is asking you to put in the work this week. To see completion, harmony, and fulfillment that The World tarot speak of, define your truths, be honest about what you want, and be honest about the ways you’ve been blocking your own path ( negative thoughts, procrastination, bad habits). Plant medicine and the world tarot ask you to be gentle with yourself, you don’t need to be perfect to do the work.

Water signs: the shaman and the fool speak to one another, This week is about following your path. Don’t get disconnected from yourself. You are on the path. It is calling to you and the moments that you think you’ve lost the path, your divine path, is the moment you need to take a step back, center yourself, breathe, meditate, and feel the light of your soul. This week is about you taking time with yourself, this week is about self healing. 4 of cups is the universe reminding you not to get stuck on one thing, are you stuck in the past? Why wish for something that never brought you happiness from the beginning? Leave behind temporary satisfaction. Temporary gratification is the reason for your sorrow. The two of swords ask you to listen to your intuition. Listen you your heart when making choices. Your mind and your heart are speaking two different languages. Allow your intuition to merge and translate these languages into one you can understand.

Air signs: the insect come in a reminder that our are supported. Insects do what? They are the cleaners, distributors, builders, destroyers, they keep the ecosystem in flow. They support the balance and stability of the earth. Think about how spiders help control the abundance of flies and insects that would otherwise over populate and cause havoc. They are symbol that no matter what you have the ability the support to go forward. This week support is coming to aid you. Help is on the way in the area of your passion, of abundance, and fertility. This week ha the potential to be fertile, bursting forth life. You are supported in all your desires. This week it’s best not to act impulsively. The reversed knight of swords ask you to understand first why an impulse to do, act, or say something comes up, and exam where it comes from. Is it from the past, from a past hurt, childhood wounds, fear, anxiety. When you can do this you can weather any desire that does not serve you. You can easily let go with out the pain that you are losing something valuable. The queen of wands ask you to make decisions from self love, self compassion, from intuition that is infused with love, not fear, not hate, not hurt. Your creativity depends on your ability to accept and love yourself where you are.

May 10th 2020 daily read.

Today we have 4 intuitive messages that came forth. Some or all may apply. 🙏🏾🌻💗

May 10th 2020

  1. Don’t focus so heavily on what you have lost that you do not see the journey before you. The universe is inviting you down a different path.
  2. Your ego is so attached to this one outcome, but your heart is saying let’s go. Your spirit, higher, self and consciousness is standing their smiling ready to lead you in a new direction.
  3. You are not a victim of your circumstances. This woah is me attitude is getting in the way of the work that you have to do. The universe will soon hand you an opportunity to begin something new and you need to radiate the energy of love and gratitude. Mourn for a time but don’t allow sadness and pain to integrate into your life force. You are so beautiful and the universe wants you to expand and remember your purpose. there are moments of sorrow but they are only moments if you allow them to remain as a moment. They don’t have to define your life.
  4. For those deeply in spirit today. A portal is open right now. Step into it and ask for what you need.

Thursday May 7 2020

Good morning kindred spirits. How is quarantine? What emotions are coming up? Let’s get into the oracle cards today

Remember that there are times to fight, to work, to push forward, there are times when you need to extend yourself, but there are times where you need to remember to rest, to be gentle, to be kind to yourself and others.
There is a deep unseen power in resting. There is a deep powerful force when you are gentle and calm with yourself and with others. You don’t always need force and grit in a situation. Calm, tranquility, time, meditation can also win the battle or carry you through.
The totem animals in the card to the left speak of spirit animals. Invoke the spirit of the deer to find compassion for self and others. Invoke the wolf to protect you. Invoke the buffalo and horse to free your spirit and to carry along the path, to receive gifts. Today spend time with your totem animals. Research different animals and their symbolic meaning.


Tarot Tuesday: may 5th 2020

Cinco de Mayo. But please y’all stay in!! Social distancing.

It’s tarot Tuesday kindred spirit. As many of us are spend time at home amid quarantine. It’s the prefect time to reflect. Choose a group of cards and explore their meaning and how they relate to you. 🙏🏽💗

Group 1

Two of earth- stop trying to please everyone and personal transformation. Let go, no more resistance, something in your home or work life is changing ,the more you resist the more pain. Seeing the good and the bad, understanding your yin and your yang, understanding your light and your shadow. There are good times and there are bad times. Remember that neither lasts forever and the object is to ask yourself, through the six of air, to assess deeper knowledge of yourself , and ask what each moment, the good and the bad are teaching you. Mother of air and five of water speak to you needing to have self respect to build your confidence. Set your boundaries and have courage to see yourself through this change. You will lose some things but remember that what stays was always meant for you. Sometimes less is more. Don’t cry for too long that you forget to see other blessings that are present.

Group 2

You are going to be okay. Trust that you have the power inside of you to change you situation for the better. Some things right now seem very tempting but keep ahead. Some old habit have popped up and you have to work through them, what you truly are searching for is inner fulfillment. To get there calm your mind. Take the next few mornings to meditate for 5 minutes. Counting one breath (in and out) for a total of ten breaths. The mother of fire comes in to say you are a powerful creative force. You have the power, the magic, to go forward successfully. Don’t pass on an idea because it feel foreign. You journey will inspire others. Proceed forward through the Valleys, lakes, tundras and mountains. You got this.

Group 3

This is a powerful time for you. You’re on your way to where you need to be. The u inverse is saying keep up the good work. What is meant for you is coming. The sun shines to light your path. The week ahead is a beautiful one. Daughter of fire comes in to tell you that you can become a self actualized person. Leave what doesn’t serve you. You are beginning to know and be in direct alignment with who you are. You can’t be persuaded or influenced, your intuition is on fire. Listen to it. You’re feeling the flow of god, or the universe, nature. It feels good. Savor this moment and this power so that you can draw on it when times are low. But remember within this power moment to be considerate of the feelings of others and be flexible. Share your wealth but also be mindful to only give what overflows. This a good time for money and material resources.

Group 4

Look deeper into the situation, don’t act hastily. The time now is to sit with what you know and ask yourself how you feel about it. Does it make you feel easy? Does it make you feel, uneasy, what is the situation asking of you? Listen to your intuition by moving out of mind and listening to your body. Vision quest comes in to ask does the situation fit with your vision? Does it allow you to follow your path? Where Does it take you? Take a look at your values and your beliefs. Insight allows for alignment no? You are in search of true meaning and you need to make sure that opportunities align with that vision. Finally the ace of water comes in. Ace of water examines the emotions. Insight and your vision quest when in alignment allows you to welcome in the juiciness of life and the gifts the Universe has in store for you. Don’t avoid feelings that come up as they will teach you and convey the information you need to make the best decisions. The juiciness of life is eating for you. Listen inward.

Bonus: Oracle! Choose a card.


April 17th weekend energy tarot reading

Fire signs: To be free and let your life force flow you must use your gifts. Consider in what ways you give of yourself. The clown or fool in you is ready to step forward. You are ready for a new path. Take it. The opportunity has or will present itself.

Air signs: take your rightful place in the world. right now you’re feeling globally conscious. Assume the rightful place in your life. Right now inside of you you are being a transmuted so that creation can come forth. Leave behind the old. Leave it behind. wake up to your consciousness. Strike balance because a new opportunity is about to present itself. Something fresh and exciting is on its way.

Earth signs: victory is yours, the outcome of a situation is yours for the taking. Mother of air says to hold your head high with confidence because this is for you. What you have been trying to achieve/ get/ conquer/ find is yours. Be confident.

water signs:
ground yourself father of earth asks of you. What part of you is chaotic and restless and still needing to finish a project? The feeling of unsteadiness occur when you have not done internal balancing. Try meditation. Sometimes discipline is required. Mother of earth comes in to stay nurture yourself. Connect with nature. You can’t care for others if you don’t care for yourself. Respect your limitations right now. Make your home environment clean and light filled. Change the furniture around, paint the walls, make your dwelling and place of groundedness and refuge, and love.


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April 15th 2020

Today sun is in Aries and the moon is in Aquarius.

Today asks:

Death: are you ready for change? What are you still holding onto? are you ready to surrender? Old habits and old patterns have to change.

Bone casting: part of transmutation: transmigration is to pay attention. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. That cup of water spilled three times or the shower is broken for the third time today, well what is the message, what is the energy saying as things unfold today? Are you paying attention?

Past: to change, to surrender, you have to ally with the past, ally with your ego and shadow. Don’t let old patterns of existing control and prevent you from transforming. For others Someone from your past is showing up today in your mind or physically and it’s about letting go of what ever happened between you. This situation has reverberated into your present day life. Will you continue to replay those thoughts about this person in your mind? Rinse and repeat?


April 4th 2020

hello kindred spirits today’s tarot reading/ energy read:
There is a sincerity to who you are. The smoke rises as the inspiration. Trust the forces within you. Trust in the beauty and mystery of the forces that guide and preserve you and your will feel more surefooted. The smoke rises to cleanse and tell you to pay attention to the world around for clues. Listen to the wind, the birds, the sounds. Look at street signs.

3 of earth as the daughter of fire comes in and cleanses and leaves room for us to use our magic, know that the seeds you’ve planted are growing. breakthroughs can now come into existence.

The daughter of air arrives to bring out your freedom loving spirit. To help you awaken to your inner power. To let you know that today your magic, your powers, your gifts are present more than other days. You’re here to be yourself at all costs with you head high.

Moving out, letting go of
fear of loss and the need to accumulate more material things. You dont need more to be happy. Less. Take less, use less. Say less and only what is important. When you dont seek but allow what surprises come in.? How does the universe surprise you?

spend time considering what you need to release materially. Examine your thoughts. Steady them. Find positive affirmations. When you steady your thoughts your intuition is allowed to blossom. You can hear it more clearly. It can flow.
The father of fire comes in to help us deepen the stillness. The desire for more material things. The desire to accumulate is cleared. He helps us move out of the frantic old energy and go inside. How can you steady your mind today? How can you be gentle and still powerful. What if you let go of the outcome?

April 1st 2020

Oracle card reading.

Good morning my fellow tarot lovers, kindred spirits, and light workers.

  1. Conch shell: a deep wisdom is calling you, your path is calling you. When this card comes up I also feel a bit of anxiety. I also feel like someone is having eye problems or they Are not seeing something or they’re afraid to see into the situation as it truly is and speak up?
  2. Ancestor: When I get this car the first thing I feel right now is that a grandfather figure is coming up and it feels like a grandfather who had some kind of trouble with his legs or some kind of trouble walking he has either passed or is about to pass but he’s also saying I’m going to be OK, I’m in a good place. Spiritually as this card comes up this is saying that the wisdom of your ancestors is calling out to you. We blow on the conch shell awaking the ancestors. it’s all working out through the ancestral power. We are here because our ancestors got us here. If they didn’t give birth to our parents and grandparents how would we have come here to this life so that we can carry out our karmic duties. Carry out our spiritual work.
  3. Lastly the medicine bag: when I pulled this card the first thing I think is there’s something that you needed to buy or that you’ve wanted in relation to the work that you do and you’ve been apprehensive about buying it or getting it because you’re not really sure if it’s going to help you. So this card is saying go out and get it Go out and buy it. This card is also saying that someone that you either really truly know close to you or someone that you’ve never met is going to give you some kind of gift or something to really help you along your path it’s either going to be like a small item or they are going to link you into something that helps you realize your work and desire to do that work. And lastly the medicine bag asks us to think about what are the tools that we are using to do our work? What tools are we using to do the work that we need to do? The medicine bag is asking us to just take a few minutes and list maybe five things that are our gifts. What are the tools inside of you?ng something or they’re afraid to see into the situation as it truly is and speak up?
  4. Ancestor: When I get this car the first thing I feel right now is that a grandfather figure is coming up and it feels like a grandfather who had some kind of trouble with his legs or some kind of trouble walking he has either passed or is about to pass but he’s also saying I’m going to be OK, I’m in a good place.
    Spiritually as this card comes up this is saying that the wisdom of your ancestors is calling out to you. We blow on the conch shell awaking the ancestors. it’s all working out through the ancestral power. We are here because our ancestors got us here. If they didn’t give birth to our parents and grandparents how would we have come here to this life so that we can carry out our karmic duties. Carry out our spiritual work.
    Lastly the medicine bag: when I pulled this card the first thing I think is there’s something that you needed to buy or that you’ve wanted in relation to the work that you do and you’ve been apprehensive about buying it or getting it because you’re not really sure if it’s going to help you. So this card is saying go out and get it Go out and buy it. This card is also saying that someone that you either really truly know close to you or someone that you’ve never met is going to give you some kind of gift or something to really help you along your path it’s either going to be like a small item or they are going to link you into something that helps you realize your work and desire to do that work. And lastly the medicine bag asks us to think about what are the tools that we are using to do our work? What tools are we using to do the work that we need to do? The medicine bag is asking us to just take a few minutes and list maybe five things that are our gifts. What are the tools inside of you?

March 30 2020

The insects: are you so focused on all the minor details that you’re losing sight of what your truly trying to conceive, of what your truly trying to create. Tree of life comes in to ask us are certain details that we are attached to really serving a purpose?
Are you busy and doing so much in avoidance of something uncomfortable. Middle world comes in telling us that the past and the future get in the way when we continue to allow them to influence our work. Detach your identity from past and future today.
Every detail does not have to be worked out at this moment. It will all come together. Take the day to focus on the present, to focus on the breath focus on each step. To feel the ground beneath your feet feel and the air against your skin. Feel your breath inside of you.

Today’s three cards for the day are real about moving into the juice of life. 🙂 by being present.

March 18, 2020

Align your day in prayer. Gently set you intention in your heart for what you need.

The shaman asks you to go to an altar or get you medicine wheel. What are you using to access the spirit world? As you go to your inner shaman, you pass into the spirit world. When you feel the energy of it, the door is open step inside and ask for what you need. Visualize those tings you desire as seeds or as gifts, or balls of light and as you come out of meditation, as you come out of the spirit world, you bring those gifts with you, to manifest in the physical world.

The sea animals. They know divinely and innately the flow. They trust the flow. They trust that with each flow it will carry them and bring them what they need. Put your focus on your dreams. With each breath repeat “ I commit to my journey, I commit to my dreams, I commit to living the life that is meant for me to do my greatest work.”

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